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Hi there everyone,

I recently finished a little composition. In fact, I started it um... last spring. I'm really glad to have it finished, even though I had hoped it would come out better. It was an unfinished project that was kind of hanging over me. My ultimate project is to finish the music degree (two year certificate) I started a few years ago. I only need to do finish my private lessons & my core music. My second project is to finish an album. I was hoping to use the ambient piece I just finished on it, but I have my doubts now given the sound quality. I finished a song that had been unfinished, and I have two more to finish, one being *very close*, the other still has a mite of a way to go. I wish I was faster/more productive, but ... there are so many things one has to do! (grrr).

I would love to hear what other people are doing, have going on, hope to do etc
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