helenatroy (helenatroy) wrote in music_over_40,

Checking in!

Hello Fellow Musicians,

I was just wondering how everybody is doing in thier musical pursuits. I am *one* step closer to my album/ep goal - I now have an amp, of sorts, so I can record my guitar and vocals - ONCE I sort a few things out and get a few of the right cables. Since I still can't get to the recording right away, in the meantime I'm working on eartraining/sightinging with Thomas Tallis' 'If ye love me' - I'm learning all 4 parts, and I can record each part and sing over myself. Its's trickier than it sounds - your timing has to be really exact, so that's good practice. And I'm finishing up my incomplete in Musical Accoustics.

It sounds really busy, doesn't it? don't be fooled!

How about all y'all - what's going on?
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