Art Among The Ruins (upasaka) wrote in music_over_40,
Art Among The Ruins

new beginnings

After spending most of my life as a keyboardist (piano, organ, harpsichord) and woodwindist (flute, recorder and various historical squawkers), I have absolutely fallen in love with a totally new instrument: the Celtic Harp. My 81 year-old mother bought one years ago and played it for a while, but the arthritis in her hands has made it impossible for her to continue so she gave it to me at Christmas. Since then, I simply have been unable to keep my hands off of it, and I've gotten reasonably competent on it. I'm even thinking about investing in a medieval or gothic-style harp for playing that repertoire.

It's just thrilling and invigorating to try something new musically and to take to it so naturally! I wonder why I didn't start harping decades ago!
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