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Quirky Musicians Over 40

L'Allegra Compagnia

Quirky musicians over 40
We are the World
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This community is dedicated to people who love music so much they want to make it themselves, and also are in a more mature phase of their life.
Attention, that does not mean we have to BEHAVE mature ;-). It is just a calendar thing.
There are many places dedicated to those who are still in school, or starting a career in their twenties and early thirties.
Those who meet here are either starting a second career in music, or are getting a second wind. Or they have always been in music and just want to talk to others of their own age group. Whatever. The important thing is that we are having fun, we are nice to each other and can talk about our achievements, hopes and experiences.
Please, no flaming, no ridiculizing or patronizing others in the group. Flirting is allowed ;-).
Si aprano le danze...!