soaringsinger (soaringsinger) wrote in music_over_40,

Thoughts on Hanon???

Please forgive the cross-post but I want as much input as possible.

Years ago in college it was standard to do Hanon exercises...everybody just about did them.  Now years later having recovered from an unrelated wrist injury (car accident) I went through special rehabilitation with a piano professor who promoted healthy, ergonomic playing.  We briefly talking about Hanon and Philipp and he said "When you get home, burn them!"  He wasn't joking.

So, I didn't actually burn them, but I didn't promote them.  Now I'm in a situation with a few advanced students who could benefit from some technique building and I'm wondering what the thought these days is on Hanon and the like.   Perhaps doing the exercises but in a different and ergonomic way is the be honest, I'm not sure.

What is everyone's experience with Hanon and how do you feel about it nowadays.  Thanks in advance!
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